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Rental Conditions


To rent a car, you must be over the age of 21 and have a B group license for at least 2 years. It is possible to rent a car by charging a young driver fee for middle and upper class vehicles, provided that the condition of being over 21 years old remains constant and the driver’s license period is complied with.


The minimum duration of car rental is 24 hours for daily rentals and 30 days for monthly rentals.


Prices include Damage Liability Assurance, Theft Assurance and 18% Value Added tax. Mileage limits included in the price; It is limited to “200km per day for rentals between 1-7 days”, “150km per day for rentals between 7-14 days”, “3000km in total for rentals between 14-30 days”. The right to use mileage in the monthly car rental service is limited to 3000 km. The mileage fee varies on the basis of vehicle group, and you can get detailed information from our reservation center or offices. Fuel, Personal Accident Insurance, Mini Damage Insurance, Voluntary Liability Assurance, One-Way Fee, Delivery / Pick-up Fee according to office availability, Baby Seat, Navigation, Additional Driver and Bridge and Highway Crossing Device-Card Usage Fee are calculated separately. . The vehicles are delivered to the customer with a full tank of gasoline. For vehicles returned with a missing or empty tank of fuel, the fuel difference is charged together with the service fee.


In case the vehicle is taken from one city and returned to another city, the one-way fee stipulated by Car Rental Box is applied. You can get detailed information by calling our Reservation Center.


In order for the vehicle to be used by the person and/or persons other than the renter, it is possible to add the Driver’s License information of the additional driver to the Rental Agreement, with an additional fee. In case of any accident by the user or users who are not included in the rental agreement, all guarantees will be deemed invalid and both the renter and the person/persons using the vehicle will be held responsible separately and jointly. For price and detailed information, you can call our Car Rental Box Reservation Center at +90 850 241 94 21. (Additional driver rental terms are the same as those found in Driver’s License and Age Restrictions.)


The specified amount of deposit is taken when the vehicle is delivered. The deposit is taken as blocked from the credit card and returned to the credit card between 1-4 days. In cash deposit transactions, it is returned on the return of the vehicle. The return time of the vehicles is optional for a maximum of 30 minutes, after which a late fee is applied.


The total rental amount and security fees are collected at the beginning of the rental with the credit card of the person who is renting the vehicle, with his/her name, surname and credit card number on it. For other payment methods, you can get information from the reservation center. The lease agreement is opened during the rental and is arranged according to the laws and practices of the rental country. Car Rental Box Rental Conditions are valid for the rentals to be made.


Any liability and material traffic fines arising from non-compliance with the current traffic laws belong to the user. Fines for traffic and illegal bridges and highway crossings, which occur during the rental period of the vehicle but reach us after the end of the rental, are collected from the person and/or company specified in the rental agreement. The time that will pass due to the detention of the vehicles by official or local authorities for whatever reason is considered within the contract period. In traffic fines written on the plate, the traffic fine is paid at a discount when notified to us and is collected from the credit card of our customers; Concurrently, the service fee for the traffic fine is also applied.

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